VigRX – common questions

1. Is VigRX truly 100% natural?

Yes it is. VigRX is 100% natural and there are no synthetic or chemically-engineered ingredients in the VigRX pills. There are only natural extracts which were obtained without using any harmful additives.

Due to this, you can also be sure that you will not be harmed by VigRX in any way. More precisely, the supplement causes no side effects and the unwanted effects of other kinds are also virtually impossible.

ingredients in the VigRX pills

2. Does VigRX come with a money back guarantee? Yes it does. If you order VigRX on the official website, you will be getting a money back guarantee that will last for 60 days during which you will be taking two bottles of VigRX.

If after 60 days you feel that the VigRX Plus is not doing it for you, you can return the empty bottles and they will give you your money back, no questions asked. If you are wondering how this makes sense for the people behind VigRX, the answer is actually a very simple one. They just know that you will not be returning your VigRX bottles because it will work for you.

only natural extracts

3. Can I use VigRX if I am taking other drugs?

In case you are already on a certain drug regimen for any of the conditions that might ail you, you need to speak to your doctor and tell them about your intention of also taking VigRX.

They will need to go over all the possible contraindications for that particular medication and then give their opinion on whether you should take VigRX safely. In general, VigRX does not interact with other drugs and you will most likely be told that you can take the combination that also involves VigRX.

4. Can women take VigRX?

VigRX will not do any harm to women if they happen to take it, but it will also do very little good. It may somewhat increase their libido due to its aphrodisiacal properties, but in general, it will not have too much effect on women.

5. Can elderly men take VigRX?

Yes they can. In fact, they are one of the target groups for the manufacturers of VigRX who know that elderly men sometimes need that bit of extra oomph when trying to preserve their active sex life.